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I believe financial freedom is within everyone's reach. Let me show you how.

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We all want to be financially successful...

...whether that means owning a mansion on the west coast or simply not having to worry about paying the bills. The good news is that, whatever your current circumstances, I firmly believe that financial freedom is within the grasp of every one of us.


The wiser you spend, the better your life. Find out how to spend better.


Saving for tomorrow doesn't have to ruin today. You just need to strike a balance.


Living the dream is easier than you think. I'll show you how to save the easy way.

Meet Paul

Paul Lantsbury is a Finance Director, Entrepreneur and Chartered Accountant who has made a career out of helping both businesses and individuals to manage their money better. He teaches tried and tested techniques that anyone can apply, regardless of their background or whatever level of financial knowledge they have.

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Getting out of debt isn't about eating baked beans and never going out. It's about understanding what makes you spend the way you do and changing your habits - for good.

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